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Our Massage Therapists are:

Licensed, Insured, Certified and Athletically Attuned

Rest easy knowing our massage therapists are not only legally licensed and insured but also infused with athletic energy. With backgrounds in various sports, we offer more than just a massage – we bring the understanding of athletic strains and the expertise in sports massage. However, our focus isn't exclusive to athletes; we're here for everyday people seeking a personalized and soothing massage experience. Choose the best of both worlds at our establishment – where athletic expertise meets everyday relaxation.






Mati Sapolu - Licensed Massage Therapist No.:8600

Mati Sapolu, a seasoned licensed massage therapist with over 18 years of experience, comes from a family deeply immersed in athletics. Notably, she holds the title of being the first Samoan to conquer an Ironman triathlon, completing a remarkable total of 13 Ironmans. Her achievements extend to being the first and only Samoan to qualify for the Kona World Championship Ironman triathlon, a rare honor in the triathlon community.

In addition to her athletic prowess, Mati is a respected figure in her community, known as Miss Aloha. Her adventurous spirit extends beyond the massage studio - when not working, Mati can be found cycling, paddling, or engaging in various workouts, showcasing her commitment to an active lifestyle.

Mati firmly believes in the therapeutic benefits of massage, especially for athletes who share similar aches and pains with their clients. While she specializes in massage for athletes, Mati welcomes everyone, offering relief to everyday individuals dealing with common pains.

What sets Mati apart is her unique and intuitive massage style, influenced by her extensive experience as a therapist and her upbringing in Samoa. Drawing from the traditional Samoan massage technique known as Fofo, Mati delivers a distinctive and personalized bodywork in her sessions.

Experience wellness through Matis blend of expertise, athletic background, and cultural influences, providing a massage experience that goes beyond the ordinary.




Sani Sapolu Taylor - Licensed Massage Therapist No.:17616

We are delighted to announce the addition of Sani Sapolu Taylor, LMT, to Active Sports Massage Hawaii. Sani's athletic journey began post-high school, leading him to fulfill his aspirations as a professional rugby player in New Zealand. His notable career includes signing with a USA Major League Rugby team in Austin, Texas, and representing the USA Islanders against premier teams like the Saracens in the English Premiership.

Despite encountering injuries that prevented his attendance at the USA 7s training camp, Sani's firsthand experience with the physical toll of rugby equips him with a profound understanding of the aches and pains associated with this any demanding sport.

Sani is committed to continuing his mother's legacy, emphasizing the scarcity of exceptional massage therapists. His mother advised him to embody qualities of humility, kindness, love, and respect for his craft and clients. Operating from the heart, Sani, a skilled massage therapist, upholds these cherished values.

We want to highlight that Sani's expertise is not exclusive to athletes. His therapeutic massage services extend to benefit individuals from all walks of life. By choosing Sani for your massage therapy needs, you are selecting a professional who combines expertise with a genuine and respectful approach.

We are confident that Sani's commitment to excellence, coupled with the values instilled by his mother, will contribute to the exceptional service you expect from Active Sports Massage Hawaii.



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