Active Sports Massage Hawaii
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Honolulu Hawaii, 96825
Orthopedic/Medical Massage

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Walk-ins Welcome depending on availability.
Located in Hawaii Kai at Koko Marina Center


 ORTHOPEDIC/MEDICAL MASSAGE for Sports Injuries and more.


*Complicated Cervical Conditions   *Whiplash   *Tennis elbow  
*Golfer's elbow 
*Tendonitis   *Carpel Tunnel syndrome 
*Sciatica   *Back pain   *Frozen Shoulder   *Reduced Anxiety


Massage with a Purpose

We are a family "Ohana" of athletes.  We believed that getting a massage
from an athlete
make sense.  Chances are we are going through the
same aches and pain like you do.

We are proud to say Active Sports Massage Hawaii is known with
their professionalism and we will continue to provide that for you. 
Each of our client is very special to us and we serve their needs
to help with their aches and pains.

Active Sports Massage Hawaii is accessible. We have handicapped
parking, elevator opens right at our door step and roll right into
our massage studio. Bathrooms are accessible.

Our goal was to be able to give our service to anyone and everyone.  
The disable and able body, We thank 211,000 people who have
visited and checked us out.  


  Mati Sapolu - LMT 13 X Ironman Finisher, 2 Kona World Championship.  The first Samoan and only Samoan to qualified and crossed the finish line in Ironman Kona World Championship.  Nothing stops her.  Mati is also a paddler who crossed the Molokai-to-Oahu Channel five times outrigger canoe paddling.  She ran 10 marathons and her first marathon was the cruel Rotorua Marathon in 1998.  She competed in numerous 70.3 Ironman triathlons and many short distance triathlons and placed in her age group category. First Samoa to represent Samoa for the sports of Triathlon in the South Pacific Games.  
Her love of sports and her own experience with her aches and pains allows her an understanding for her clients aches and pains.  Mati's education and experience in massage therapy is legendary as her family had passed down much of this talent from previous generations.
Mati said that she is lead by her ancestors, and her past love ones to give healing to anyone and everyone that needs her.  

Our THAI Massage & Stretch

"Beauty"  Chotika Takeshita - LMT  Come experience our Thai Massage & Stretch to THAI for. 
Thai Massage & Stretch and various massage techniques to treat all injuries and improve the body's range-of-motion (ROM).  Practitioner will often use assisted stretching to target a particular muscle group.
Thai Massage & Stretch benefits include lowering stress, boosting energy, and improving athletic performance.  
Beauty is known as one of the most knowledgeable Thai Massage Therapist and know the body well. She has many years experience as a massage therapist in Thailand and brought her amazing knowledge to Active Sports Hawaii to help out with our patient's aches and pains. In addition to her Thai Massage & Stretch she uses warm stones and aroma towels to warm up her clients muscles. Call us to book and experience a Thai Massage & Stretch.


Sani Sapolu Taylor - Active Sports/Medical Massage Hawaii welcomes Sani on board.  Sani is an athlete who started playing with the Hawaii Harlequins Rugby Football Club shortly before being scouted by the Wellington Axemen of New Zealand. A few seasons later he signed with U.S.A's Professional Rugby League and led the Austin Huns to a victory in the 2017 National Championships with a last minute game winning try against New York Athletic.  With aches and pain from this brutal sport Sani can understand what your body is going through. Sani will continue to carry her Grandmother's legacy she passed over to him.  His Grandma told him, "there are so many Massage Therapist but there are only a few of them. Sani's Grandma advised his grandson, Stay Humble, Kind, Love, Respect your Eldest, work and love who you lay your hands on". 
Sani works from his heart.  He is loving, kind and humble and follow his Great Grandma's advise.



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