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Located in Koko Marina Center

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Our Massage Therapist are legally license and insured.

We are athletes with athletic backgrounds


Mati Sapolu, LMT  
Sani Sapolu Taylor, LMT  

























*Complicated Cervical Conditions  *Whiplash   *Tennis elbow  
*Golfer's elbow 
*Tendonitis   *Carpel Tunnel syndrome 
*Sciatica   *Back pain   *Frozen Shoulder   *Reduced Anxiety



    Mati Sapolu
- License Massage Therapist
Mati comes from a family of athletes.   Mati believes that getting a massage from an athlete make sense. Chances are they are going through the same aches and pains like you do. 
Active Sports Massage Hawaii is known for their work and professionalism and has been able to help many. We will continue to provide a good services to our clients.  Each of our client is very special to us and we serve their needs to help with their aches and pains.

We are accessible to the handicapped.  Handicapped parking is right in front of our building.  We have an elevator that opens right in front of our building.  

Our goal is to be able to give our service to anyone and everyone who needs it.  We thank 265,800 visitors who were curious about us. Mahalo for cruising by.

Our Story
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Sani Sapolu Taylor, LMT - Active Sports Massage Hawaii welcomes Sani on board.  Sani is an athlete who started playing with the Hawaii Halequins Rugby Football Club shortly before being scouted by the WellingtonAxemen of New Zealand.  A few seasons later he signed with USA's Professional Rugby League and led the Austin Huns to a victory in 2017 National Championship with a last minute game winning try against New York Athletic.

With the aches and pain from this violent brutal sport Sani can understand what your body is going through .  Sani will continue to continue his Grandma's legacy she passed over to him. Sani's Grandma told Sani "there are so many massage therapist but there are only a few of them". Sani's Grandma advised her grandson to stay humble, kind, love, respect your eldest work and love who you lay your hands on.  Sani works from his heart.  He is a good massage therapist who is humble, loving has all the values taught by Grandma. 


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